Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Beginning

Hi World! My name is Mark Lah, I'm a network engineer at a high-tech communications company in Melbourne, FL, and there's this thing called 'The Internet' that I kinda like.

For a while now I've been addicted to reading other networkers blogs, which I often learn new things everyday from, and I figure why not start my own professional blog that others might learn from me about technologies, scenarios, and networking in general that I've learned. I'm currently pursuing my CCNP certification (CCNA is under the belt already), I already have the BSCI and ONT exams completed, and will be taking the BCMSN here in a couple weeks. After I complete my CCNP, I plan on going after the CCDA/CCDP, and my ultimate goal in the cert world is to, of course, obtain the CCIE.

I plan on having new posts almost daily, but will realisticly be starting out much slower as I get into 'the groove' of blogging.

Thanks for stopping by, and come back soon (I should have some good reading material up soon).


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