Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CCNP Certified

Well I just took the last of 4 exams for the NP today, which was the ISCW for me, and I passed 924/1000! Finally got it out of the way after a couple hiatus's the past 1.5 years (mostly work related).

Looking back, it seems like it wasn't all that difficult, and I should have pushed myself harder to get it finished sooner. But now I think I'll go for the CCIP, and I'll be sure to not give myself any slack going into it.

Once the CCIP is out of the way, it'll be time to climb the mountain that is the CCIE R&S!

Monday, November 9, 2009

WCCP and Cisco WAE Useful CLI Commands

“sh ip wccp” – Displays counters related to redirected packets
“sh ip wccp 61[62] detail” – Displays redirect packet counts, and WCCP connection uptime
“sh ip wccp 61[62] view” – Displays other known WCCP devices in the LAN
“sh ip wccp int counts”- Displays redirected packet counters per interface
“service-module Int1/0 session” – Creates console connection to NME-WAE
“no ip wccp 61[62]” – Global config to disable WCCP for services 61 and/or 62

“sh wccp gre” – Displays packet counters
“sh wccp routers” – Displays WCCP routers seen
“sh wccp services detail” – Display forwarding and return methods, and assignment method
“no wccp version 2” – Turns WCCP off to any routers peered with it
“sh auto-discovery blacklist” – Display blacklisted flows (not available in the GUI)
“sh statistics connection” – Display current TCP connections flowing through it
“sh wccp wide-area-engine” – Display WCCP connected routers
“sh run” – Display running config
“sh ver” – Display WAE software code
“sh flash” – Display WAE software code (disk and flash code)
“sh disk” – Display hard drive, RAID, file system, and encryption status
“sh license” – Display license info
“sh cms info” – Display Central Manager connection status
“wr” – Write running config to memory
“sh int gig 1/0; sh int inlinegroup 1/0” – Display physical interface stats and counters