Saturday, August 1, 2009


Been slacking lately with posting here, but in good reason I believe. A couple weeks ago I was promoted to the network design group, and have been tasked with researching WAN optimization products for our customer. Had to put my ISCW studying to the side for a bit while I get up to speed with WAN optimization.

Hopefully soon I'll have some good info about the intensive testing/evaluation I'm doing with Cisco WAAS and Riverbed solutions.

And a quick note about the book Deploying Cisco Wide Area Application Services is mainly good for getting a beginning to mid-level understanding of Cisco WAAS, but is lacking in the details of some important areas. It also is starting to become outdated as the screen captures are different than the latest code I've been using (4.1.3a), and never touches on designs for asymmetrical routing topologies (also a newer feature for Cisco). It does have some useful complex scenario examples though.

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