Monday, November 9, 2009

WCCP and Cisco WAE Useful CLI Commands

“sh ip wccp” – Displays counters related to redirected packets
“sh ip wccp 61[62] detail” – Displays redirect packet counts, and WCCP connection uptime
“sh ip wccp 61[62] view” – Displays other known WCCP devices in the LAN
“sh ip wccp int counts”- Displays redirected packet counters per interface
“service-module Int1/0 session” – Creates console connection to NME-WAE
“no ip wccp 61[62]” – Global config to disable WCCP for services 61 and/or 62

“sh wccp gre” – Displays packet counters
“sh wccp routers” – Displays WCCP routers seen
“sh wccp services detail” – Display forwarding and return methods, and assignment method
“no wccp version 2” – Turns WCCP off to any routers peered with it
“sh auto-discovery blacklist” – Display blacklisted flows (not available in the GUI)
“sh statistics connection” – Display current TCP connections flowing through it
“sh wccp wide-area-engine” – Display WCCP connected routers
“sh run” – Display running config
“sh ver” – Display WAE software code
“sh flash” – Display WAE software code (disk and flash code)
“sh disk” – Display hard drive, RAID, file system, and encryption status
“sh license” – Display license info
“sh cms info” – Display Central Manager connection status
“wr” – Write running config to memory
“sh int gig 1/0; sh int inlinegroup 1/0” – Display physical interface stats and counters

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