Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ciscos Big Announcement and VRRPv3

Just a couple quick news updates... Cisco's 'big announcement' yesterday was about the CRS-3 (3x the speed as the CRS-1):

A lot of people were surprised and let down by the news of this, as it doesn't apply to anyone except for the large IXCs. Considering that the carriers who could afford this beast already knew about it months ago (and AT&T is even trialing it currently), it seems pretty strange that Cisco would go to the lengths they did to hype it up. When you really get down to the gist of their marketing strategy though, it comes down to using their power/visibility to advertise to the masses 'use more bandwidth'.

In the RFC world, the VRRP version 3 RFC was just released today. I haven't read it in detail, but out of a quick skimming I saw it was officially supporting IPv4 and IPv6 addresses; sub-second operation was also one of the features that is of interest to some people.

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