Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Passed the Cisco QoS Exam

Another one down! This one was fairly easy, a few 'Cisco centric' type questions which I know I didn't get right (why I scored below my goal of 900+ points), but overall was a decent exam. Simulations in this guy were very straightforward, no surprises there.

Onto the MPLS exam now (the last one remaining in my CCIP quest). Already scheduled it for 2 weeks out (August 25th), and don't expect many surprises there either (was in the MPLS Global Knowledge course last January, and even that class was mainly review for me). Main things to brush up on are MPLS-TE tunnels, VPNv4 configs, and more advanced Route Target/Imports in VRFs (ISP managed services, etc).

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