Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Current Status of My Certification Path

Well its been a month since I've posted here, but after I finished up my CCIP, I went ahead a took the CVOICE exam (for the CCNA Voice certification) and passed. Certainly some good news there, although nothing that great :P.

As for the past couple weeks now, I've been hittin the books hard for the CCIE R&S Written exam. I ended up purchasing the INE Written Video-On-Demand series to help speed up the studies, which has been pretty good so far. I was expecting a bit more detail in the material, but hopefully the level of detail I was expecting isn't actually on the written exam (fingers crosses, but who knows with some of those wacky Cisco exam questions they throw in there).

I hope to finish up with the INE VOD series by the end of this week, and we'll see how I feel about the exam from there. I feel like I'll need to brush up a bit more on topics I don't work with daily (IPv6, advanced STP, PfR, etc), but after that I may be ready to take the written. We shall see, maybe I'll be attempting it in a little over a week. Why not, it's only a $350 exam :P.

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